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Master post of all Media P covers (Mostly random order) ( 2 3 4 5 ) (99)
【Yamine Renri】Rolling Girl「ローリンガール」Synthesizer V cover (1)
【Eleanor Forte】Catch Me Only If You Can【SynthV Original】 (10)
【Yamine Renri】YY【SynthV Cover】 (1)
【Genbu】Ghosts of the Sea 【SynthV Cover】 (3)
Yamine Renri - Ghosts of the Sea (Cover) (1)
【Eleanor Forte】Higher and Higher 【Original Song】 (3)
Question about releases (6)
1st Song with Synth V (1)
【Eleanor Forte】トーキョーゲットー / Tokyo Ghetto 【SynthV Cover】 (1)
Eleanor Forte sings "Meltdown" (Vocaloid cover) (1)
[Eleanor Forte] Ten Thousand Stars [SynthV Cover] (1)
【五维介质+艾可(AiKO)合唱】万圣街【隐卫 Synthesizer V Cover】 (1)
【五维介质·赤羽】一点一点【隐卫】【Synthesizer V Cover】 (1)
【海伊/Haiyi】scenery in your eyes/(CytusII EAjRock)SV cover (1)
赤羽原创《雷火行》Original Song 《A Song of Thunder and Fire》 (1)
【五维介质·赤羽/海伊/苍穹】桃花开了【隐卫】【Synthesizer V Cover】 (3)
【Eleanor Forte】 - Arms of an Angel 【Cover+VSQX/S5P】 (1)
The Living Tombstone - Basics in Behavior Blue (Eleanor Forte Short Cover) (1)
How can I make Eleanor sing in Japanese (3)
[Eleanor Forte] Let Me Be Your Lady [Original Song] (1)
[Eleanor Forte] Behind Your Back [Original Song] (3)
Phantom of the Opera Cover ft. Eleanor Forte (yes, she sang the male part too!) (1)
Made Eleanor Forte sing for an English Project (Sister!) (4)
【Genbu】Yamato【SynthV original】 (1)
【Yamine Renri】まっくら森の歌 2020 アレンジ【SynthV cover】 (1)
Ponyhafnium – Symmetrical Song a.k.a. 2020-0202 (feat. Eleanor Forte) (n52x2-04a) (1)
【Eleanor Forte】Be Yourself 【Original Song】 (7)
【玄武/ゲンブ】Brave Heart【SynthV Cover】 (1)