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【Eleanor Forte】Fly With Me by My Friend Is a DJ【SynthV Vocaloid Original English】 (1)
[Synth V Original] Wasteland (2)
[Synth V Original] Miracle at Night (4)
[SynthV Cover] Rolling Girl [Yamine Renri] (1)
[SynthV Cover Teaser] Coppelia - Yamine Renri (1)
【Eleanor Forte】One Minute Winter - Petrichor 2019 【Redux/Original】 (5)
[SynthV Cover] Kokoronashi [Eleanor Forte] (1)
〖Synth V〗 Ten Thousand Stars 〖Eleanor Forte〗 (1)
[SynthV Cover] Shelter - Eleanor Forte (5)
[SynthV Cover] Ghost Rule English Version [Eleanor Forte] (1)
[Synth V Cover] RIP=RELEASE [Eleanor Forte] (1)
Eleanor Forte sings "Astronomical" (Synth V Cover) (1)
Eleanor Forte - Mirrors - Sally Oldfield cover demo (2)
【English Cover】 Rolling Girl 【Remade // Synth V】 (1)
【Eleanor Forte】 Your Lie Under the RAIN 【Original Song】 (1)
Something New ft. Eleanor Forte [Synth-V Original] (10)
[GENBU & Yamine Renri] Ah, What A Wonderful Cat Life! [SynthV Cover] (1)
【SynthV】Outer Science【Yamine Renri Cover】(New version) (1)
[赤羽 (Chiyu)] 寄明月 (Jì Míngyuè) Cover (17)
Eleanor Forte&Tonio - Ga1ahad And Scientific Witchery (1)
「Synth V」 White Happy - ホワイトハッピー [Yamine Renri + Eleanor Forte] (1)
【Eleanor Forte】 I (태연/Taeyeon) 【SynthV Korean COVER】 (2)
【Eleanor Forte】 Bad Romance (LadyGaga) 【SynthV COVER】 (1)
【Eleanor Forte】 Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor Swift) 【SynthV COVER】 (1)
【BE Pharma. | Aiko】香茗【SynthV Original】 (1)
Lies Feat. Eleanor Forte (2)
We Turn Into (Rough Acoustic Mix) [FT Eleanor Forte - Synth-V Original] (3)
Eleanor Forte sings "My All" (cover) (1)
Eleanor Forte - I feel love - Donna Summer - cover demo (2)