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[Synth V Cover] paranoia [Yamine Renri] (1)
Cowboy on the Run (Chiyu Cover) / 【赤羽翻调】牛仔很忙(赤羽Cover) (3)
【Yamine Renri / 闇音レンリ】 夢と葉桜 (Yume to Hazakura)【Synthesizer V】 (5)
【Eleanor Forte】神の愛した女 - The Lady He Loves【SynthV Cover】 (2)
【Eleanor Forte】LOST【SynthV Cover】 (1)
【SynthV】Outer Science【Yamine Renri Cover】 (6)
Eleanor Forte - Cross Our Blades (Original) (1)
Yamine Renri - 修羅の花 (Shura no hana) - Meiko Kaji cover demo (1)
【Eleanor Forte】lovely【SynthesizerV cover】 (1)
[Eleanor Forte] I Can't Fix You (SynthV cover) (1)
【Eleanor Forte】Who We Are 【SynthV Cover】 (1)
【Yamine Renri and GENBU】Re:Birthed 【Synth V Cover】 (2)
[Elanor Forte] Jump Up, Super Star! (3)
[闇音レンリ Yamine Renri] Fuyubiyori ふゆびより (SynthV cover) (3)
End of Rain English Cover ft. Eleanor Forte Synth V【Honest Plum】 (5)
Summer Is Here! (And I Don’t Wanna Die) IWALOID- how has this not blown up yet?! (2)
【Genbu】Ghosts of the Sea 【SynthV Cover】 (1)
[闇音レンリ ft. Eleanor Forte] Face My Fears (SynthV Cover) (1)
Eleanor Forte - I feel love - Donna Summer - cover demo (3)
Eleanor Forte - Short Words to Explain Relativity: Lesson 1 (original song) (1)
【Eleanor Forte】 Your Lie Under the RAIN 【Original Song】 (4)
【Yamine Renri】1year【SynthV Cover】 (1)
Eleanor Forte - Renai Circulation (English Cover) (1)
【Eleanor Forte】Broken (Radio Edit)【Original】 (7)
【Miku + Eleanor Forte】Seven (Disc One) w/ pilot track "Difference" 【Original】 (2)
Eleanor Forte - Maniac - Michael Sembello - cover demo (1)
【Yamine Renri】Party Junkie (1)
【Yamine Renri x GENBU】Creative (GHOST Remix) (1)
【Yamine Renri】ERROR (1)
【Yamine Renri】Tokyo Teddy Bear (1)