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【Synth V】 Lost One's Weeping • English Cover 【Eleanor Forte】 (3)
【云龙军惠】陌生的夜【艾可/SynthV】 (1)
Yamine Renri and GENBU - Cendrillon サンドリヨン (10th anniversary) (2)
Looking Glass【Eleanor Forte】 (1)
Eleanor Forte - Knowing you, knowing me - ABBA cover test (4)
「Eleanor Forte」 Alien Alien • English Cover 『Synthesizer V』 (1)
【SynthV】Kimagure Mercy【Yamine Renri Cover】 (1)
[SynthV Cover] Rockbell [Yamine Renri, Genbu, Eleanor Forte] (1)
「Eleanor Forte」 Tool • English Cover 『Synthesizer Vカバー』 (3)
SYNTHV English Cover- The Muzzle of Nemesis (2)
【SynthV】Meltdown【Yamine Renri Cover】 (5)
[SynthV Cover] Liar [Yamine Renri] (1)
[Eleanor Forte cover] Scarborough Fair 翻唱 (Viking 維京風味 ) (3)
【Megurine Luka, Yamine Renri】 - 本当の自分 (My True Self) 【VOCALOID】 (2)
Miwa - Don't Cry Anymore【Yamine Renri Ver.】Synthesizer V Cover (5)
[SynthV Cover] BadBye [Yamine Renri] (2)
【SynthV】Tokyo Teddy Bear【Yamine Renri Cover】 (4)
Akuno-P/Evillious Chronicles covers (2)
Eleanor Forte - Time is up - Poppy cover demo (5)
Amalgatoo's Song/アマルガトゥーの歌 (1)
「Eleanor Forte」Stuck In The Moment【Cover:Justin Bieber】 (1)
[SynthV Original] I Wish Upon the Stars - Eleanor Forte (7)
「Eleanor Forte」 Cat Food • English Cover 『Synthesizer V』 (7)
[SynthV Cover] Lots of Laugh [Yamine Renri] (5)
【SynthV】Undead Enemy【Yamine Renri Cover】 (1)
[Yamine Renri] katharsis [SynthV Cover] (9)
Momoiro Clover Z - Moon Pride (Sailor Moon Crystal OP)【Yamine Renri Ver.】Cover (3)
[Short cover] DALLA DALLA (orig. Itzy) English cover (2)
「Yamine Renri」 Rolling Girl • ローリンガール 『Synthesizer Vカバー』 (3)
[SynthV Cover] Sparks Fly (Eleanor Forte Cover) (3)