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【Eleanor Forte】Paper Heart【Synthesizer V Original】 (1)
【ゲンブ/Genbu】アンヘル / Ángel 【SynthV カバー/Cover】 (1)
Fiction Getaway feat. Eleanor Forte (Synthesizer V Original) (1)
【MINU】follow me feat. Eleanor Forte【Synthesizer V Original】 (1)
[SynthV Cover] ただ君に晴れ / Just a Sunny Day for You [Yamine Renri] (1)
【Yamine Renri】Can't I Even Dream 夢見てもいいじゃないの 【Synth V Cover】 (1)
【JA-F2】ご機嫌サヨナラ (Gokigen Sayonara)【Synthesizer V Cover】 (1)
【赤羽翻唱】走在冷风中【陌云阁/原pv付】(有彩蛋) (1)
【苍穹 赤羽翻唱】交替之生—致努力活着的我们【陌云阁/原pv付】(已换源) (1)
【赤羽X艾可】心中下着雨【陌云阁/原pv付】(翻唱)(cover 迪鹿DeluCat) (1)
Eleanor Forte / Wilting Winter Words (Happy 1st anniversary + Merry belated Christmas!) (1)
Christmas detox anyone? Eleanor Forte sings *Dystopian Rock Version* of my Christmas song (5)
【Eleanor Forte】Dear El【Synthesizer V Original】 (1)
Eleanor Forte sings "O Holy Night" (1)
Eleanor Forte sings "Someone You Loved" (Lewis Capaldi cover) (1)
Christmas song and video released - MERRY CHRISTMAS (original song) (1)
Chiyu Cangqiong Shian - DROWNING in 99°C (SynthV Cover) (1)
Deserted [Original song] (3)
【Eleanor Forte】Who We Are【SynthV Original】 (1)
【五维介质·诗岸】恋爱语音导航【隐卫】【SynthV Cover】 (1)
Eleanor Forte - Happy & Sad (short acapella cover) (1)
Original Song - Ignite the Darkened Sky - Eleanor Forte (1)
MY FIRST SONG WITH SYNTH V /village of butterflies/eleanor forte (1)
【Yamine Renri】またフタリ恋をする (Mata Futari Koi o Suru) (1)
【五维介质·苍穹】Mandala Night【隐卫】【SynthV Cover】 (2)
Before You Burn [Demo] [Ft Eleanor Forte SynthV Original] (1)
Christmas Song Voice('s) by SynthesizerV (1)
[Eleanor Forte] One Minute Winter - Skillkillovelocity [technical metalcore/technical death metal][ORIGINAL] (1)
Eleanor Forte - BPM (short English cover) (1)
【五维介质·苍穹】爱殇【隐卫】【Synthesizer V Cover】 (1)