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Yamine Renri - 修羅の花 (Shura no hana) - Meiko Kaji cover demo (2)
【Eleanor forte】Mystery of Love (SynthV cover) (1)
【Eleanor forte】love me like you do【Synth v】 (1)
【Synthesizer V Studio Pro】【AiKO】【艾可】Chinese Cover 「海裡來的沙」 (1)
【Saki】she【SynthV Cover】 (1)
【Synthesizer V Saki】さきへ【original】 (3)
Hold on Me 2 - Yamine Renri (1)
Sendra's Conqueror ft. Eleanor Forte(SynthV cover) (1)
Eleanor Forte - I Will Go To You Like The First Snow (Cover) (Synth V) (1)
Please help.... 도와주세요 (2)
【Eleanor Forte】 Ready 【SynthV Cover】 (1)
This Messed-Up World Exists For Me (ft. Eleanor Forte) [English Cover] (2)
【Eleanor Forte/Miku】 One Minute Winter - Trial By Fire 【metalcore/djent】【ORIGINAL】 (3)
【Synth V】 Toosenbo【Yamine Renri】 (1)
[Yamine Renri] I (don't) love you/好きなのに [SynthV Cover] (1)
【Eleanor Forte】Dropout【SynthV Cover】 (1)
【五维介质·苍穹】花月妖【隐卫】【Synthesizer V Cover】 (1)
【Eleanor Forte】 One Wall Away 【SynthV Original】 (1)
【Yamine Renri】 Secret Police 【Synth V】 (2)
IA's Higher cover by Eleanor Forte(with cover instrumental)! (1)
[Yamine Renri] Hajimete no Oto/The First Sound [SynthV Cover] (1)
[Eleanor Forte] Uneventful Hero [Original Song] (2)
[Eleanor Forte] In Dormancy [Original Song] (1)
【Genbu】 Teo テオ【Synth V Cover】 (2)
【Eleanor Forte】Flower of the Wind / 風之花【SynthV Original】 (1)
【Eleanor Forte】fly high into the sky【original】 (3)
[Eleanor Forte] Behind Your Back [Original Song] (4)
[Eleanor Forte] Various original songs (1)
【Synth V】 Unhappy Refrain 【Eleanor Forte】 (1)
Phantom of the Opera Cover ft. Eleanor Forte (yes, she sang the male part too!) (2)