64-bit Version of Synthesizer V for Windows 10?

Hello all,

I have been interested in Vocaloids and Digital Singers for a long time, and I finally gave in and downloaded a program!

I have really enjoyed working with the Synthesizer V Demo and Eleanor so I think I would like to purchase a license…however, I am concerned about the VST plugin.

I wanted to use it with my version of Ableton 10, but does the Demo version of Synthesizer V only come with a 32-bit version? I would need the 64-bit in order for it to be compatible with Ableton 10.

I really wanted it to work with Ableton, but is that not possible? Or do I need to install another version of the demo to use the 64-bit version? Or is the 64-bit version not showing up in my computer? Or does the purchased license come with a 64-bit version for Windows 10?

Thank you,


Ahh, nevermind!

I was looking through the wrong folder on my computer, however now the pop-up plugin for synthesizer v says it is disconnected?

Can someone help me still?

Here’s a picture as well…

Okay, wait,

I just figured it out I think.

As long as the program itself is open, it should run, right?

But how do I edit and play at the same time?

Anyone want to point me towards some tutorials?

Thank you…

Here’s the offical manual if you haven’t seen it yet https://synthesizerv.com/manual/
Also Run_djp_Run made some video tutorials on the forum User Manual in Video
Hope those help :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much!!!

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