About future plans for Yamine Renri

I appreciate this may be a moot point or something that cannot be revealed at present, but what is the plan with Yamine Renri in future? I understand she is currently in beta, but it would be interesting to know what will happen to her; will it be that all 3 of her UTAU DBs will be ported in full, or will she recieve a new voicebank entirely…? Thanks for reading.


they are currently making recordings for their Chinese VB

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Renri’s Chinese voicebank is for UTAU. There has been no word on if Renri will recieve a Chinese voicebank for Synthesizer V.


Different voice entirely - though thankfully I’m aware of her existence (Have been following her and the other Quadimension vocals’ development closely since announced!). Main question of this thread is what’s going to happen with Renri, like if they’re going to add the remaining pitches from her UTAU voicebank, record specifically for Synthesizer V or just leave her as is and tweak things.

Though it’s off topic, @khuasw would it be possible to have some sort of news aggregate on the Synthesizer V website or even a space to post about/discuss new voicebanks? I’m aware that a lot of people might not be fully aware of Chiyu’s existence or the other announced vocals from Beijing Photek.

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Sorry, but I didn’t know about the new voicebank :

You can say more about new voicebanks?

Sorry for the late reply. All we really have to go on is what Quadimension’s Ddickky said on Weibo, which is as follows. (These should all be on SynthV as far as I’m aware)

This year, not including Cangqiong:

  1. Chiyu
  2. Shian
  3. Xingchen/ZERO English
  4. A male voice
  5. Xingchen/Zero Chinese
    Adding VOLOR’s side there’s estimated to be about 10 voicebanks.

Of course, can’t be sure about VOLOR’s side but Chiyu, Shian and the male voice will all probably be Chinese voicebanks, then of course Xingchen/ZERO will recieve English and Chinese (possibly English first since she already has a Chinese voicebank available for VOCALOID4). There’s been no news about the VOLOR voices or any new English/Japanese voicebanks otherwise.

All voices for Synth V ? say yes please :scream::scream::scream:

I could say “90% Yes”.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: