About the Product Feedback / 产品反馈 / フィードバック category



Bug reports and feature requests / 错误汇报和功能请求 / バグ報告と機能リクエスト

This category accepts the following tags besides language tags:

  • bug:unconfirmed - when you are the first one who encounters such a bug
  • bug:confirmed - when the bug has been replicated by another user (moderator-only)
  • bug:wip - when the bug fix is in progress (moderator-only)
  • bug:fixed - when the bug has been fixed and scheduled for the next release (moderator-only)
  • bug:not-a-bug - if the reported behavior is to be expected (moderator-only)
  • feature-request - for suggesting new features


  • bug:unconfirmed - 当你是第一个发现该Bug的时候
  • bug:confirmed - 当这个Bug已经被另一个用户重现 (仅限管理员)
  • bug:wip - 当Bug的修复已在进行中 (仅限管理员)
  • bug:fixed - 当Bug已被修复并列入下次发布中 (仅限管理员)
  • bug:not-a-bug - 当汇报的现象是预期的行为 (仅限管理员)
  • feature-request - 建议新的功能


  • bug:unconfirmed - あなたがそのようなバグに遭遇した最初の人である場合
  • bug:confirmed - バグが他のユーザーによって再現されている場合(モデレーターのみ)
  • bug:wip - バグ修正が進行中の場合(モデレーターのみ)
  • bug:fixed - バグが修正され、次のリリースでの対応が予定されている場合(モデレーターのみ)
  • bug:not-a-bug - 報告された動作が予想される場合(モデレーターのみ)
  • feature-request - 新しい機能を提案するためのもの

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a license to post songs for free? What counts as commercial usage?

Q: Synthesizer V is blocked by Anti-virus / Windows SmartScreen

Update: fix in progress, approval takes time.

Q: Nasalization of が in some Japanese DBs

This is more of a style/accent issue than a bug.

Q: Can I Import UTAU/VOCALOID Voicebanks to Synthesizer V?

No. They are technically different and there are copyright and licensing issues.

Q: Any possibility for custom DB (for end-users, not enterprises)?

Q: Why isn’t my feature request accepted (yet)?

There are multiple possibilities:

  • We have some initial thoughts about the requested feature but the idea takes time to grow.
  • The feature has been scheduled for a major release (i.e. being part of the mid-to-long term plan).
  • We are not sure that the requested feature will actually help.





Windows 的话,是可以的;
Linux 则需要安装32位的运行库;
OSX 最新版已经不支持32位应用。




I have a glitch where the line that plays over notes is blinking when using the new update. I’m not sure if anyone else has this issue or if it’s just me (I used SynthV during the technical preview as well which worked fine)