Add .dv support

So, DeepVocal is on rise recently, and people started to distribute .dv files as well. Though it’s basically it’s just same with .sk, it would be great if SynthV support importing from .dv extension as well in the future version.

Thank you!


I don’t agree with you
Firstly,i think dv is not a usual’s much freedom
than syh.also i think syn should be prepared for much(pro)player,not for freedom player
and,secondly.i am fortunate,i saw a really important article for me .their library’s ways are not same .this lead made two engine may difficult to discussion.
thirdly,i talk with dv’father,youmay know boxstar,he says he don’t have a plan for fitting engine.he think he should lead library maker to make better library.
that’s all
ps. I am a Chinese,i just 15 years English for me is not easy .emm especially language.
so,i hope you can understand

I think I could understand why someone wouldn’t want other synth software supported by SynthV… but the program can already open .ust and .vsqx, it would make sense to support .dv.

It’s not like SynthV has a plethora of Japanese voices at the moment, and I doubt that DeepVocal’s English is going to match up completely with SynthV’s arpabet phonemes.

Now if DV could export .midi, I’d be okay with just that.


I agree with you

but,now dv has already have more than50 library for lot language,and their library tool box is opening ,so their development is so great.i think,if you know Chinese ,you could go to bilibili,their library like Rubia or Japanese singer xia yezi.emm,they are really good.
and,if,you have you way to build a library,it may make people make better singer.

for me,actually,i want more good library,for sing.through,heart may be closer.and more stronger.
engine just for share our feeling ,isn’t it

After testing, you can change the .dv suffix file to the .sk suffix and import it into the SynthesizerV editor.(I use the Google Translate.)
It can work normally.

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Oh wow cool trick

It doesn’t keep the parameters but the notes, bpm, and lyrics translate well.

Nice find.