Album out now: THE HEROINE´S JOURNEY - Prof P feat. Eleanor Forte (14 original songs)

Hi all,

just wanted to mention the album I produced and published, available now on Spotify and all other major music streaming platforms:

THE HEROINE´S JOURNEY, 14 songs featuring Eleanor Forte. All were made purely with Synth V for vocals and Band in a Box 2019 for instrument tracks, plus Reaper for DAW. Here I engaged Eleanor for some oldschool rockpopblues stuff.

I did the whole thing completely alone, incl. lyrics, songs, arrangement, sequencing, artwork, and global distribution. Normal bedroomproducer doings, but actually I am no musician at all ;-)) This is part of my scientific research about global value chain creation in the digital era, a kind of self-experiment. Background info (German only, sorry):

Thanks for Synth V, Dreamtonics. It´s really an amazing piece of software!!


Official Music Videos on Youtube (playlist):

Happy grooving!

Armin a.k.a. Prof P

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