Anicute Checkout Issues

I’m really struggling with the purchase and checkout on Anicute. Even when you select the English shop, the whole cart and checkout process is still in Chinese, with lots of text not even being selectable, meaning I can’t plug it into Google Translate. As it is right now, the buying process on Anicute is extremely confusing for those who can’t read Chinese.

I am very excited about SynthV’s potential and I really want to see it succeed-- which is why I’m concerned that this confusing buying process is going to turn away a lot of potential customers. I’m going to keep trying to figure it out because I really love SynthV, but I wanted to voice my concerns about this because I suspect many people are not going to have the patience to deal with this process.


Is it because AiKO is a Chinese virtual singer?
Maybe they suppose most customers should be from China(Taobao for Mainland and Anicute for Taiwan) :joy:

From what I’ve heard, the English version will come together with an update to the payment system which is why it’s taking so long to complete.


I sure hope so. To put it frankly, the difficult ordering and payment processes are going to murder SynthV otherwise (they kind of already are, tbh) and I’d really like to see it be as successful as possible.

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Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I wonder what the reason for using Anicute is in the first place? I’d wager the majority of the user base isn’t in China. I understand that it’s likely a concern that other options wouldn’t work for Chinese customers, but as it is currently, it’s not really working smoothly for anybody else.

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I’m not sure I understand— you mean Anicute intends to update their process? If I may ask, why was Anicute chosen instead of a more globally accessible e-commerce service? Again– I’m very impressed with SynthV (more than happy to pay for it) and I’m itching to spread the word about it, but the buying process has to become more straight forward before I go yelling from the rooftops, considering I can’t even figure it out myself, LOL.

Because of Eleanor Forte, Synth V is also interesting for English-speaking users. But I can’t buy it until I understand what I’m doing and what I agree with :frowning:

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