Any new updates on the development of Stardust's SynthV vb?


Any new updates on the development of Stardust (Xingchen from VOCALOID)'s SynthV voicebank?


I’d expect more free voicebanks tho. Not every commercial vocal synth software can live long, only VOCALOID survived so far.


I don’t expect any free vbs, as this software needs proper funds for now. Kanru and his team worked hard on it and the technology, so I think they’re in the right to produce high quality voices for a fair price.


I’m pretty content with what we have ^^


As far as I’m aware, there haven’t been any updates on Xingchen/ZERO since spring.


Quadimension has announced that they’ve suspended all VB production until the release of SVR2, so Stardust/ZERO will be a R2 VB and will probably be released in a few months.


With English voice?


I would like many english voices, please, men, women :open_mouth:


Quite probably.