App crashed when i opened the mixer panel (SynthV Evaluation ver)

here’s the problem I’ve encountered :

  1. previously, I can play the instrumental alongside the vocal. but these 4 days, I’ve been unable to do so. the instrumental is there, loaded, but no music came out. I’m only able to play only the vocal

  2. I tried to open the mixer panel to check whether the volume of instrumental is being muted or not, but every single time I clicked on the option “open mixer panel” or just clicking on the headphone/music symbol, it just crashed. The app is still open, but it won’t respond to anything I click or type, so I had to force close it with Task Manager.

  3. I tried to unload and import the instrumental again. it still won’t play, and the problem in number 2 still occurred.

  4. fortunately, I’ve checked every feature to find is there’s something wrong other than the mixer panel, but everything other than that works just fine! (thank god)

please help!
I need to use the instrumental to match the timing of the vocal, after all :’)

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okay the problem is fixed by itself. i can play the instrumental again yay