Autopitchwriter-like feature

I was wondering if we’ll ever see an automatic draft tuning feature like Autopitchwriter?


Help me, what exactly does it do that we don’t have right now? I googled it and there plenty of videos but no:

Welcome to AutoPitchWriter, the only yada yada…

I’m intrigued.

It says what it is in the original video’s description (the second video I linked). It’s a plugin that automatically tunes for you. So you input the midi with lyrics and it adds all the pitchbends automatically. So all the songs in those videos were tuned entirely by the plugin, not by a human.

SynthV already has this more or less. I use it when I do.
I compose the melody in a midi file or extract it from a real singer’s performance then select import and import that midi file. The result is the midi melody in SynthV but the words are only La’s.

The first time I attempted SynthV I was placing the notes by hand and only made it though the first verse of tedium before trying a midi file import. It was child’s play to play the melody on a keyboard to get the resulting midi melody.

No wonder I didn’t understand the significance.

Synthesizer V does not draw the lines in the pitch parameter for you…

I did say more or less. :slight_smile:

How does auto pitch writer know what we would want for a pitch envelope?

Drawing the lines in the pitch parameter is the entirety of what Autopitchwriter does. It’s the entire point.

I don’t know how it works. Ask the creator?

Why do you want less control over such an amazing feature tho? :sweat_smile: It’s something I cannot understand. Forgive me for ignorance, but I like to draw all the curves manually ^^ But hey, to each their own right?

It’s not less control. The feature would be optional, like Autopitchwriter. You click a button to apply it to your song before tuning if you want to. And you can still correct it afterwards, just like with any song file.

  1. It lets you have a quick draft of what the song would sound like with tuning. You don’t have to use it. I’ve found that to be very helpful with my original songs.
  2. It gives you a base to start with, so instead of doing menial work, you can focus on fixing the finer, more complex details of tuning and the things that make it your own style.

I get where you’re coming from.

Tuning in SynthV is relatively easy compared to other synths, but it would be nice to have a plugin that could add tuning in different styles like aggressive or tender.

I tend to overdo things when I tune something that isn’t simplistic, so an autopitchwriter might be useful for SynthV.


I find this plugin to be quite fascinating. If it were in Synth V, I’d use it as a baseline of how the vocals could sound after being tuned (think of it as being taught basic tuning techniques), and then I could tune it the rest of the way for more of an advanced approach. It’d be neat for this plugin to be in Synth V for people that are beginners and for people that aren’t too sure at that moment of how to tune a specific section by selecting the notes that they’d want to tune and not have it tune the entire song by itself.


Loads of stuff I still don’t understand… But still… I’ll stick around and see what Kanru and the team have to offer :smiley:
Good luck everyone.