Can we have an English Male singer?

It would be very useful to have more male voices with different languages. At least an English one. Using phonemes, Genbu can imitate many English words, but only to some extent. Some English words are really difficult (or impossible) to come up with an appropriate combination of Japanese phonemes in order to mimic English. There are many English songs with which Synthesizer V can get more users and audiences. To me, an English singer can also be useful for Latin pronunciation in classical music. Maybe also Chinese is very difficult to mimic with Japanese/English, too???


Plus 1000!


Plus 100000000000 too :smile:

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I’ll plus (insert number) this just because English voices tend to fare better when it comes to certain consonants.

If I know what I’m taking about, doesn’t it mean that you have to throw enough money at a guy to leave his ego and pride at the “studio” door and get in front of a mic and make “noises” that are the components of a voice database? Good luck with that. As a “producer” with a less than desirable sounding singing voice I know it’s easy pickins to throw a hundred bucks at a girl and she will gladly sing your stupid song (whatever) but I still have a backlog of songs for guys that I can’t get sung because of egos and pride. The ones I hired out on came back all rephrased as if I don’t know what I’m doing. Frankly, If I pay you, you’re doing it my way. So yeah Kanru, for the good of MANkind, give us a male english singer database please. Oh and simple static VSTi port (thats a rider). :slight_smile:

I did a guy song with E. Forte. there is a line that says “Karen Sue and me, was carved it that tree…” Sound weird even today.

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I think there are plenty of willing male voice providers for this kind of product, but it’s not up to Kanru really. There needs to be a company which wishes to produce a male virtual singer for Synthesizer V with an English voicebank. I’m sure there’s probably something being worked on at the moment though given how much of a massive gap it leaves, but we won’t know anything until it actually happens.

While it’s not a perfect solution, Quadimension have said they plan to release a Chinese male virtual singer sometime this year, and the Chinese voicebanks have serviceable English for the most part. ATM it’s mostly a waiting game.


Who orchestrated Eleanor Forte into existence? If not Kanru?


i’d definitely love an english male vb. most of my favorite songs that i’d like to cover are sung by men and eleanor can’t always pull them off.

Bitman, here’s a workaround that may interest you that I posted in response to another request for a male vocal:

While it would be nice to have at least one English male vocal, there is a way to convert Eleanor’s vocal to sound like a male. All you have to do is render a .wav file of a melody track with Eleanor’s voice singing the lyrics you’ve entered and then open that .wav file with Audacity. Next click on Select and then click All to select the entire track. Then click on Effects and Change Pitch. Another window will appear. On the lower part of this window is a slider. Move that slider to the left until the number -24 appears in the Percent Change field. This will lower Eleanor’s voice by a fourth interval (for example, from a G to a D or from an alto to a tenor). If you want a full octave interval lower (from an alto to a baritone), move the slider until the number -36 appears in the Percent Change field. Then click on OK. Also, make sure that the “Use High Quality Stretching” box is checked. Finally, make sure that you saved Eleanor’s vocal in a key that will result in the final voice being in the correct key for your song.

In a different request for a “Male Vocal” in another category, someone had suggested using the VST plugin Kerovee because it has a “Female to Male” option, but that plugin only works in Windows-based DAWs. Also, according to one reviewer, that plugin adds distortion that makes the voice sound robotic, which is not what I’m after. A much better free plugin that instantly produces the same results as Audacity is Graillon:

As a follow-up to my previous post about using Audacity to convert Eleanor’s voice to a male sounding voice, I did some extensive testing and found out that the best way to obtain a decent sounding male voice from Eleanor’s voice using Audacity is to use the Pitch selection options at the top of the Change Pitch dialog box instead of the Frequency entry fields at the bottom of that same dialog box. I created and tested 6 copies of 3 different “Tension/Breathiness” versions of the song “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” in 4 different keys (C, G, D, and A). In each test, I always selected the first note in the song (C4, G3, D3, and A2) for the “From” pitch and then selected one of five adjacent descending keys as the “To” pitch to convert to. For example, for the C4 “From” pitch, I selected B3, A3, G3, F3., and E3 as the “To” pitch for each of the five copies of this song and kept the first copy intact as my reference. I then did the same thing with all the other versions in the other keys. As a result of my testing, I discovered that the “sweet spot” pitch change range for making Eleanor’s voice sound like a male is 5 to 8 semitones or 3 to 5 major keys. Anything less would not produce a fully male-sounding voice, and anything more would introduce too much distortion. So, the trick is to make sure that the melody for Eleanor’s voice in your song has been first transposed in Synth V to a key that is no more than 5 to 8 semitones above the target key in which you want to have a male-sounding voice, and then to change the pitch downward from there using Audacity’s “Change Pitch” function.

In addition to the above, you need to make sure that the “Gender” setting for Eleanor’s voice is kept at “0” at all times. However, the “Tension” setting can be varied from “0” to “1” and the “Breathiness” setting can also be varied from “0” to “1.” Neither of these should be set to a negative value or distortion will be introduced into the male vocal.

Here’s a link to an MP3 file that contains all 36 male vocal samples that I created with Audacity:


Still sounds like a woman.

Did you listen to all twelve keys? The first few are in the tenor range, which overlaps a lot with the alto range. So, they do have some slight female characteristics that could probably be eliminated by adding other effects. But once you get past those, the female characteristics go away. There’s no way a female could produce the sound of the last six keys (from A2 down to C2). To prove my point, check out the other files that I just uploaded to my Box account folder. These files contain all six of the downward progressions from the original four female samples. The first two progressions are unmistakably female, but after those you can hear the voice change to male. Here’s the link to my Box account folder:

No, sorry.

The other ones do sound like a dude. yay! finally.

The lower “she” goes though, the more robotic the Row word sounds because the digital-ness is more audible at lower frequencies. Must be why digital singers are predominantly female. That puts the software offering in a better light.

I just uploaded the Synth V source files as well in case you or anyone else needs them for reference.

Have you try Flux Ircam Trax?
In meantime, the soft can help you :slight_smile:
we are patient :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s some pricey software, Run_Djp_Run! It seems powerful, though. I’m only using Synth V for creating demos before I take my songs to a studio where they’ll be produced and sang by a real singer, so I don’t really have a need for IRCAM TRAX. But some others here may. Thanks for telling us about it!

This comment is for everyone. During the process of creating a demo of a song for my producer last week that has both male and female vocal parts, I discovered that Synth V already has a male vocal capability built into it, which eliminates the need to do any “pitch shift” post processing to create a male vocal track using a track Eleanor’s vocals in a slightly higher key (5-8 semitones higher) as a starting point per suggestions I made in previous comments on this topic. I don’t know why I didn’t discover this before when I was experimenting with the various settings on the Voice Database dialog box, but I probably didn’t experiment with the the right combination of settings and notes.

Anyway, I uploaded a Synth V file that contains nine variations of the male vocal that you can create from within Synth V. Once again, I’m using the song “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” as my sample melody because it has a one octave melody. In order to cover all of the possible male vocal ranges from bass to tenor (from C2 to C5), I duplicated this melody 36 times so that you can hear what each male vocal variation will sound like in any key you desire. I’ve also included a complete set of these 36 melody samples with the default Eleanor vocal (0 Tension, 0 Breathiness, 0 Gender) for comparison. The only mods that you may still want to make to the male vocal track afterwards are to the tonality so that the lower notes are easier to hear in a song. But this can be done in your DAW using an EQ plugin.

To see what settings you’ll need to create a male vocal track that sounds like one of the samples, you’ll need to have both the Track Manager and Voice Database dialog boxes open at the same time. As you click through each track in the Track Manager, the Tension, Breathiness, and Gender settings will change in the Voice Database dialog box for the track you’ve selected. You can then play the samples for each track from any point in the file that would match the range of notes in your particular song. Here’s the link to my file for you to download from my Box account:

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Like @muzikluver mentioned, you can use the gender parameter to make Eleanor Forte sound male. I did this for my cover of Phantom of the Opera where I set gender to 0.700. Although it turned out pretty good (if I do say so myself), it did require a lot of tuning to get it to sound clear (there’s also an ideal range in which this voice works). Thus, I would definitely be in support of a male English vocal to bypass the extra tuning I had to do specifically for Eleanor’s male voice!

If you want to check out my result, the YouTube video is down below!

Sorry, but I don’t hear a man, I hear a pitch effect :/.
And please, stop write the high notes, It’s not musical and not natural. If you can’t sing the note, don’t write the note :slight_smile:


SV is really a useful soltware,you can use librares of other languages to make English songs ,too.
If you like male singer,why not try Genbu? In China,some people have already made English,Russian,Japanese and even Spanish songs with Shian and other Chinese libraries,just like this:
Although we have four libraries in Chinese,there is no male singer.But I’m sure with the development of SV,male English libraries will soon come out.