Can we have an English Male singer?



It would be very useful to have more male voices with different languages. At least an English one. Using phonemes, Genbu can imitate many English words, but only to some extent. Some English words are really difficult (or impossible) to come up with an appropriate combination of Japanese phonemes in order to mimic English. There are many English songs with which Synthesizer V can get more users and audiences. To me, an English singer can also be useful for Latin pronunciation in classical music. Maybe also Chinese is very difficult to mimic with Japanese/English, too???


Plus 1000!


Plus 100000000000 too :smile:


I’ll plus (insert number) this just because English voices tend to fare better when it comes to certain consonants.


If I know what I’m taking about, doesn’t it mean that you have to throw enough money at a guy to leave his ego and pride at the “studio” door and get in front of a mic and make “noises” that are the components of a voice database? Good luck with that. As a “producer” with a less than desirable sounding singing voice I know it’s easy pickins to throw a hundred bucks at a girl and she will gladly sing your stupid song (whatever) but I still have a backlog of songs for guys that I can’t get sung because of egos and pride. The ones I hired out on came back all rephrased as if I don’t know what I’m doing. Frankly, If I pay you, you’re doing it my way. So yeah Kanru, for the good of MANkind, give us a male english singer database please. Oh and simple static VSTi port (thats a rider). :slight_smile:

I did a guy song with E. Forte. there is a line that says “Karen Sue and me, was carved it that tree…” Sound weird even today.


I think there are plenty of willing male voice providers for this kind of product, but it’s not up to Kanru really. There needs to be a company which wishes to produce a male virtual singer for Synthesizer V with an English voicebank. I’m sure there’s probably something being worked on at the moment though given how much of a massive gap it leaves, but we won’t know anything until it actually happens.

While it’s not a perfect solution, Quadimension have said they plan to release a Chinese male virtual singer sometime this year, and the Chinese voicebanks have serviceable English for the most part. ATM it’s mostly a waiting game.


Who orchestrated Eleanor Forte into existence? If not Kanru?


i’d definitely love an english male vb. most of my favorite songs that i’d like to cover are sung by men and eleanor can’t always pull them off.