Can we have an English Male singer?



where can I buy quadimension’s voices?
I would like to try :slight_smile:


they are sold on quadimension’s taobao online shop,link:

or you can click this:
each voice library costs ¥680,(about $96)
you can use Alipay to buy the voice


I’ll use google translation to buy them, thank you Xueting Young :slight_smile:


@Run_djp_Run Thank you for the feedback—I’ll be sure to take that into account in my future works!


Yes! Chinese male singers are also needed. We want a male singer. At least one language has only one male singer, please.


I agree with Run_djp_run. Grace_Zhang, here’s a chart that shows all the possible vocal ranges. The highest note that a soprano can hit is a C6, but you have Eleanor singing at least an octave above that.