Can't get singers into the system

I’d like to evaluate your product. I’ve downloaded the free version for evaluation but can’t do anything with it. In your quickstart guide the first action I’m instructed to take is to select a singer. There are no singers in the list and I can’t find out how to populate the list. I downloaded and unzipped the application and it runs well to the extent of starting and importing a midi file. I then downloaded and unzipped the singer files, but there is no obvious way to integrate them with the system and I can’t find any instructions in the documentation. I’m running ubuntu 16.01. If the product does what I need I will buy a license, but I have to evaluate it first. Time is of the essence, so I’ll need to hear from you and have to problem resolved within two days.

FYI: The contact link is a mailto link with no email address.

Lou Conover

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On Linux systems all you need to do is to unzip the database into the editor’s directory.

Ya gotta download em separately. The only English one afaik, is Eleanore Forte.

Scroll down below the Editor downloads.

I was able to get the singers to appear in the voice database settings dialog, but when I try to set a voice I get an error: “Data Integrity Failure – There could be a version mismatch or data corruption.” I’ve downloaded and installed the voice files twice. The zip files seem to unpack properly and the image and xml files are readable as image and text respectively, so I don’t think the files themselves have been corrupted.

Have you copied the registration directory as well?

I was able to successfully install the eleanor database on Ubuntu 18.04.2 with two commands after unzipping a clean (i.e. the database and registration directories are empty).

#unzip the database somewhere outside the synthv-editor directory

  1. 7za x synthv-eleanor.7z

#move all the contents inside the newly created “synthv-eleanor” directory (registration,database, and license agreements) to the sythnv-editor-directory

  1. mv synthv-eleanor/* /path/to/synthv-editor

“ls -LR /path/to/synthv-editor/database” #returns something like
master.s5d master.s5l profile.png settings.xml

“ls -LR /path/to/synthv-editor/registration” #returns something like