Can't I keep two Editor windows open?

Hi. I often want to open two Editor windows and compare/copy between windows. Currently, when I double-click another s5p file while an Editor windows is already open, Synthesizer V asks me to close the current window first. Also, although I can import the second score as additional tracks and edit some out, importing the tracks into the 2nd file and edit out things is not cumbersome (requiring me to switch between tracks). Also, when the tracks contain same notes for some parts, they overlap and I also have to switch between tracks to check them.

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You can launch a second instance of the SynthV editor as a work around. The second one launches at the same screen x/y coordinates so you need to drag one off the other to see it. Also if you want both editors to play you’ll have to use a driver type other than asio which without help from the driving application can’t share asio.

Thanks, it is not ideal but it is a work around.