Child Voicebank?

I feel a bit weird asking this, but will SynthV have a voice bank with a child voice provider?

(I’m 12 and therefore would like more childlike voices such as Kaai Yuki or the Tsukoyomi siblings)

Being a kid and also being a vocal synthesis hobbyist at the same time is a bit weird because almost all voice banks are either adults or have no age. I have Kaai Yuki and a version of Tsukoyomi Ai for UTAU. Those are really the only voice banks voiced by kids. It’s a little frustrating. I myself am making an UTAU (and possibly a Sinsy) voicebank just so more child voices are available.

Wow I really don’t know how to word things. Bye.

Come back in a year.

Eleanore Forte up an octave sounds about 9 years old fwiw


Renri pitched up sounds like a child


That should be interesting to try lol

Thanks for the feedback!

Well, setting the age requirement issue (above 13) aside, how about setting Gender parameter in default settings?
it sounds young and natural in about -0.3 imo.


I’ll definitely try that!

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i made a prototype for alter/ego with my 5yo (at the time) brother’s voice, i liked it a lot


That actually sounds amazing! Do you mind me asking how you made the prototype?

Honestly, I don’t know what the big deal is with using voicebanks with voice providers that are older than the said user. I’m 23 and I guarantee that the majority of the voicebanks I’ve used over the years had voice providers that are at least double my age. :confused: I mean, I kind of get where the opener is coming from. It feels a little wrong at first, but you can just kind of think of it as a character singing the notes you input, not the voice provider. That’s pretty much the entire virtual singer in a nutshell anyway.

Besides, in the real music industry, it’s not all that rare for bands to have drastically large age differences between members. There are teenage girls on vocals playing acoustic guitars with a middle-aged male bass player and another middle-aged male drummer along with the former’s dad as another guitar player, and there have also been a band where most of the members are around their 20s but the vocalist is more than double their age.

Point I’m trying to get across is, in music, age shouldn’t matter.

EDIT: Okay I was wrong. Miku’s voice provider is 35. But it still goes to show you that all of the voicebanks I’ve used over the years actually have voice providers that are older than me, with no exceptions at all. In the real music industry it’s common to have bandmates that are way older than you or way younger than you, and that’s the way it should be, because diversity should always be welcomed with open arms so that the world may change for the better. (^ ^)

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