Christmas detox anyone? Eleanor Forte sings *Dystopian Rock Version* of my Christmas song

Hi all,

I just released a differing version of my Christmas song “Merry Christmas”. Eleanor is also implemented here as two male background singers - works also quite well:

The song is a comment on the recent UN climate convention in Madrid.

For comparison: This is the original score:

Best wishes to all for 2020!!

The males sound like droids to me.

Both songs are good, but I think I like the new version a little better from an arrangement and lyrics standpoint. However, I agree with bitman on the male vocals–they sound like droids. Did you see my suggestion in the “male vocal” threads about how to make decent sounding male vocals using Audacity or Graillon? If not, you may want to check it out. Btw, where did you get the video imagery for your songs?

Actually they are droids, because Eleanor is one ;-)))

True, I took much more care for the female lead vocals than for the backgrounds. Thanks for the feedback, I have to adjust the male voices accordingly, so they sound more humanlike. Will do this for the Spotify release of the song.

Yes, I read the thread about male vocals, I use a similar method in Reaper. Right now I am working on a boygroup made with the Eleanor voice. Will post it when it is finished.

And the imagery is just a collection of some free images. I prepared one big image with 19200 x 960 pixel, scrolled the camera along, and added some prefab greenscreen sandstorm for the foreground. Much easier than creating good music ;-))

Thanks for the reply and for explaining how you created the video for the new version. I was also wondering how you created the video for your original version or if that was a free stock video that you used.

Regarding your male vocals, I suspect that you used a change pitch function in Reaper to create them from Eleanor’s voice. If I’m correct, then I suspect that you either applied a pitch shift of more than 5-8 semitones to produce the warbled (robotic) effect or Reaper’s pitch change function isn’t as good as the one in Audacity and Graillon. So, I’m curious about how your boygroup vocals will sound and will be watching for your post announcing its release.