Commercial license for Eleanor Forte?

  1. How do I get a commercial license for Eleanor Forte? 2. Will I get in trouble for using her voice commercially without an official license license? 3. Have you used her commercially, with or without a license? I would like to hear about it.
    I contacted Animen 2 months ago about a license and I haven’t gotten a response. I’ve seen a handful of people say Animen never responded to them either. I have a completed song with Eleanor that I want to sell. I already purchased a Synthesizer V license. I’m not using her image, just her voice. I worked really hard on this project and I would like to at least have a chance of making some money from it. Thanks.

At present, there are no restrictions on commercial use in beta sound libraries, but you would like you to write our VOLOR website address when you use them
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Thank you for the response.
I guess I’ll just go ahead and sell my song? I just hope I’m not doing anything wrong.


Hi Lin_PN,
since you seem to know what your talking about let me ask this very simple question - how does one purchase a license to use SynrhV for publishing.
Thanks George.

The license agreement contains the relevant content, specifically you can also email to ask for details.
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————Synthesizer V Studio (Basic / Professional) / Saki————

License Agreement

  1. Except as otherwise specified, you may use the synthesized sound generated by using this software, whether commercial or non-commercial, free of charge.

  2. Except as otherwise specified, the user may indicate that Synthesizer V Studio(or the voice database for Synthesizer V Studio) has been used in your productions.

Contact e-mail: (Replace # with @)

————Kotonoha Akane & Aoi————

Synthetic sound generated using “Synthesizer V Kotoba Akane Aoi” can be used free of charge, whether commercial or non-commercial.
Please read the character usage guidelines carefully and use this in compliance with this.
Character Use (Japanese language)

Contact e-mail: (Replace # with @)

————GENBU / Eleanor Forte / AiKo / Yamine Renri————

Article 2: User license

  1. Natural person users can use the synthesized voice generated by or role copyright image included in this product under non-commercial or commercial situations for activities, creation, work spreading, publication, etc.

  2. If the natural person users apply the synthesized voice generated by or role copyright image included in this product for commercial purpose, and the situation involves more than USD 1,000, Or if the user is Corporation or legal entity, the obligation to notify AnimenJP will occur. AnimenJP will sign additional User License Agreement with such users according to the users’ use purpose (licensing fees might be produced according to the agreement situations).

Contact e-mail: (Replace # with @)

————Chiyu / Cangqiong / Shian / Haiyi————

Article 2: (License for use)

  1. User may use the synthetic sound produced by the product and the copyrighted character image contained therein free of charge in a non-commercial scope, including, but not limited to, non-profit activities, creation, dissemination, publication, etc., and in which cases no additional license from Photek is required.
  2. User with the following intentions of commercial usage of the synthetic sound produced by the product and the copyrighted character image included is obliged to contact Photek. Photek will sign an additional license agreement (based on the circumstances of the agreement, an authorization fee may incur) with the user according to the user’s usage and intention.

Contact e-mail: (Replace # with @)

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