Conlang phonologies in SynthV

Hi, everyone. If you didn’t already know, I’ve been constructing my own languages for a long time, and one of my goals in SynthV is to make it sing in conlangs. Currently, the guide below has only a few languages that would be of interest to few people, but you can look into the guides anyway and find what applies to the language of your interest.

Link to page

Inspired by this and this video, both from Herman Miller.

Update 1: Found a method to simulate [ɬ] in both English and Japanese VBs.

Update 2: Planning to try out new features in the production release to see if I can pull off more phonemes, but currently waiting for the Linux version.

Update 3: Updated the page to account for Eleanor getting dx. Unsure which vowel to use to get the best result for /r/. It might also be possible to pull of /ħ/ using glottal effects as well, but I haven’t looked into that yet.

Update 4: Added an overview section, which isn’t focused on any one language but gives more details than the tables.