Cowboy on the Run (Chiyu Cover) / 【赤羽翻调】牛仔很忙(赤羽Cover)

P1: Parameters Demo (
P2: Reaper Mixdown Demo


This is my first publishing work online, so I’m a little excited. It all started with hearing AiKO’s cover of “I MiSS U” by Joyce Chu and I was amazed by the performance of the SynthV voice synthesis engine. Then I ran into the offical demo song of Chiyu “翡夜Racing Game” (TN: not sure how to translate “翡夜”, help welcomed), which stroked me hard again. Finally, I could not help but to purchase SynthV and Chiyu. Then I was like, I should create something, and without knowing why, this “Cowboy on the Run” came up immediately, so I went ahead and did it. This is my first time doing it, so please excuse me for imperfections here and there.

P1 is a screen recording of running SynthV, but the audio is the complete mixdown (instead of the real-time playback)
P2 is a screen recording of REAPER, which plays the respective versions of “with (SynthV) param and mixing (same as P1)”, “with param but without mixing”, “without param but with mixing”, and “without param and without mixing”. Here “without mixing” means no FX’s are enabled on Chiyu’s vocal track, whereas the FX’s on the instrumental and the master tracks are on.


第一次投稿,心情有点小激动。先是听到艾可的《好想你》被SynthV的性能震撼到了,然后又听到了赤羽的《翡夜Racing Game》再次被赤羽自身的性能震撼,终于按耐不住入手了SynthV和赤羽。也不知道怎么的,一想到要不要做个作品,我第一时间就想到了翻调这首《牛仔很忙》,所以我也并没有多想,就去做了。由于是初次上手,调得不好的地方还请多多包涵~



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