DAW Link Issue With Ableton 9?

Hi there,

I am currently evaluating Synth V, and am having a great time with it, all in all.

I just have one issue that I need to resolve, and wondered if any other users out there might be having the same problem.

I am connecting Synth V Build 18 to Ableton 9.7.7 via the VST/network link, and everything is syncing up without any problems.

The only problem I do have is if…

  1. the two applications are synced up as described above,

  2. You play Ableton from bar 1,

  3. there are no singing notes drawn into the Synth V window for more than 1 bar of silence,

  4. then the Synth V playback halts after 1 bar.

This obviously causes a problem, if your singing starts on, say bar 8 of your song, as the singing does not start at all.

This does not happen if you use Synth V in standalone mode.

Is anyone else noticing this behaviour, or is just me?

If anyone could shed some light on this, then it would be much appreciated.


Well, this is a weird one.

Since writing my initial post, I have been experimenting, and may have worked out what is happening, here at least.

It seems that on my setup, the Synth V plugin GUI has to remain open at all times, or else Synth V stops playing after about one bar when synced to Ableton. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have never experienced that with any other VST, but, hey, who cares, as it seems that I have worked out what the cause of the problem was. :grinning:

Anyone got any ideas why this is happening?

Maybe because the 2 applications are syncing over a network? I just don’t know.


I understand your problem, I have the same problem with Maschine.

Use synth V in Arrangement view, not in session view in ableton. Synth V work in continuous file, not in loop.

Do you understand my bad english? :slight_smile:

See this video :slight_smile:

Or subject User Manual in Video

Sorry for the late reply - not been on these forums most of this year. :grin:

Thanks for the information - I have the original version working well with Ableton, as long as I keep the VST plugin open. :thinking:

Thanks for your help! :grinning: