Do i need to buy SynthV and vb separately?

What if i buy vb like chiyu or AiKO
Do i need to buy synthV too?
Or i can use my trial version

You can use the Synthesizer V Trial version version to create the synthetic sound, but you need to purchase an editor’s license if you want to use it for commercial usage.
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After buying Chiyu or AiKo i’ll get activation code for synthV?

You will receive an activation code that can be used to activate the voicebank, and if you want to activate the editor, you need to purchase to get an additional activation code.
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Can i use activated voice bank with non activated editor?

Yes, the Synthesizer V Trial version has no functional limitations and will only pop up with a 10-second prompt at startup. You can used the Aiko & Chiyu to create the synthetic sound without activating the editor, but you must activate the Synthesizer V Editor when you publish it as a commercial work.
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SynthV 试用版本没有功能限制,只会在启动的时候弹出10秒的提示框。你可以在不激活编辑器的情况下使用艾可和赤羽合成人声,但是在作为商业作品发布的时候,必须要获得 SynthV 编辑器的授权许可。

Thank you so much for help!