Editor needs to solve these problems


  1. 编辑器界面语言除英语外,其他语言的翻译不完整

  2. 不可以切分音符,把一个音符切成两段(在光标的位置)

  3. 复制之后,粘贴音符,音符不是跟光标对齐(建议参考VOCALOID编辑器)

  4. 不可设置不同轨道的同一歌手的不同属性,例如我用诗岸演唱一首歌里的不同的声线,需要多个轨道,设置不同的性别,我知道可以使用参数-性别,但在歌声数据库设定中更方便设置

  5. 不可以设置歌手默认的声库音域(B3,D#4,C5),不知道是否可以通过修改声库目录下的设定文件实现

  6. 某些参数不能使用模式手绘重叠式,但通过Alt+X(交换编辑/显示视图)让其可以使用,但转换的参数线很奇怪

  7. 参数快速清除功能以及复制粘贴功能


After several months of use, I found the following problems

  1. Editor interface language is not complete in other languages except English

  2. You can’t cut a note and cut it into two segments (at the cursor position)

  3. After copying, paste the notes, the notes are not aligned with the cursor (recommended reference VOCALOID editor)

  4. You can’t set different attributes of the same singer in different tracks. For example, I use 诗岸 to sing different sound lines in a song, need multiple tracks, set different genders, I know that it can make it possible by using the parameter - gender, but it is more convenient to set in the “song database settings"

  5. It is not possible to set the default sound library range (B3, D#4, C5) of the singer. I don’t know if it can be modified by modifying the settings file in the databese directory.

  6. Some parameters cannot use the pattern Freehand(Overlay), but they can be used by Alt+X (Exchange edit/display view), but the converted parameter line is very strange.

  7. Parameter quick clear function and copy and paste function


Definitely seconding #3

I’d like to see #4