Eleanor Forte 1st Anniversary... when?



Hey y’all, I mostly stick to twitter but I felt I’d get a better and more accurate response if I posted in the forum.

I use SynthV very causally since I’m a user who is more geared towards the visual/character stuff. I wanted to gauge other users to get an idea of something that might seem arbitrary to serious users (sorry :no_mouth:)


Eleanor Forte’s Birthday

I’m conflicted. Could it be…

August 19th, 2018: Technical Preview of SynthV


December 24th, 2018: Production Release of SynthV

I’m thinking it’d be August 19th since that’s when we were first able to use the voice/software but Eleanor eventually got updated so… I’m not sure.

What do you think?


Maybe since the day the preview was released :v just my opinion…


I honestly prefer 24 December. That way she’s a Capricorn and not a Leo… :laughing:


yes hello synthV police I’d like to report a hate crime


@khuasw thoughts?


Bruh I was kidding about the whole thing. =3=


hhhhh I know I know