「Eleanor Forte」 Cat Food • English Cover 『Synthesizer V』

I made a cover ^^ https://youtu.be/CffiA8PikFw I hope you all like it !!


I feel like you went overboard with the tuning. It sounds like she has something stuck in her throat.

I think it’s alright! Maybe like Hiroi said put mildly, the tuning could tone down a little bit…?

But other than that, it’s good!

thanks for the feedback, maybe it could have been since i added a lot of glottal effects.

thank you for the feedback (:

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I don’t think the problem they’re talking about is due to overtuning, I think it’s the way the growl presets sound in general on her voice. She ends up sounding more like she’s talking into a fan :sweat_smile:.
Vocaloid voicebanks get the same problem sometimes with their growl parameter. I suggest staying away from the growl effect, or using it very sparingly/carefully.

Otherwise, great cover!

Edit: There might be potential in adding the same note screamed an octave lower than the note being growled.

I think so too. Thank you for the feedback!

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