【Eleanor Forte】Catch Me Only If You Can【SynthV Original】

Inspired by a movie of a similar title. Enjoy!~ (Also, be sure to turn on closed captions)


very catchy tune!

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Yeap, you need real guitars on this one.

Good luck, because a normal guitar ain’t going to cut it either. Your best bet is probably getting a used 8-string guitar somewhere, although for something like this I’d recommend a 9-string guitar but that’s too expensive for anybody…

Good news though, is that nowadays you can find good impulse responses for free and if you can still find it (because it’s been discontinued now) you’re going to have a good shot tone-wise with Poulin LeGion. Check out the ZETA IR pack for cabinet emulation (there’s a free one that I managed to get).

You’re going to have to learn how to play the dang guitar yourself, too. Probably you’ll need to play the rhythms mostly, so that’s not really that hard to learn.

For bass, check out Solemn Tones Loki Bass.


Thank you—glad you liked it! :blush:

Thank you for your comprehensive recommendations—I’ll be sure to check them out soon (looks like I have a lot of learning to do)!

Just so we’re aware, it was a goshdang hard road for me when I got my 9-string guitar, and it cost me just over $1k and that was out of a discount because it was a used one and the previous owner really botched the routing job when he installed the EMG 909 X (top tier pickup by the way) and just chucked it saying that it wasn’t for him anymore. As soon as it fell into my hands it became my primary weapon of choice so… I hope that’s going to be a lesson for at least somebody…

And yes, it went to the wrong address because the site undid my address change and we had to fight the new homeowners over that guitar and that is how it ended up costing a lot more when we could’ve gotten it for only $600 plus shipping. I’m not kidding when I say we even had to call up their neighbours and it got so bad to the point we even called the police to no avail, and their neighbours were so kind and negotiative that they somehow managed to get the guitar out of them even still.

I know this sounds off-topic, but that just goes to show you how expensive 9-string guitars are, but I think an 8-string guitar might do the job. Unless you start experimenting with other keys. Now that is going to cost you either all that shenanigans I talked about on this post, or a minimum of $2,000. But since that’s Canadian dollars you might have a better shot. Currency exchange is heavily favoured toward American right now because of the current events.

I was amazed by the long, harmonized part about 2:40 or so into the song! Overall it’s a really natural sounding song that has a nice rhythm to it! My only suggestion would be to fix the pronunciation a bit in some areas, such as the higher and lower notes. Other than that, it’s a very well rounded song.

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Yikes, that sounds like a lot trouble you had to go through for a guitar! I’m glad to hear that it worked out in the end though. Even though it might be favorable for me to buy an 8- or 9-string guitar now, I don’t have that kind of money as a high-schooler. When I do, however, I’ll definitely look more into it!~

Thank you! That part is also my favorite part as well. If I remake this song in the future (which I probably will), I’ll definitely go back in and fix some of the pronunciation.

On second thought, I just saw a guitar cover of this one song and began to realise this might be all you need:


That and the GGD Periphery IV from earlier. It might be a lot of stuff but at least I found a way to make it cost less.

Either that, or you might commission a guitarist to play the stuff for you but then they cost a lot of money per song and some charge by the hour.

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Wow, thank you so much for the links! Very helpful!

Yo’ welcome :3

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You don’t have to buy a guitar or learn to play it to use it in a song. Hey guys, it’s the 21st century. This producer doesn’t use real guitars at all, and yet his tracks sound great.

Versus THIS though?

FYI, this was real guitar. It’s also a 9-string guitar.

(I mean, I will admit, it doesn’t sound that bad for something that’s blatantly obvious that they’re virtual guitars… what plugin was that? Okay, the actual reason why it doesn’t sound that bad is the drums though.)

Still, actually owning real guitars and bass isn’t just something that makes songs sound realistic. It’s also a long-term investment that pays off later down the road. I just so happen to have made the investments early on. Now I’m on my way toward a custom shop 9-string guitar. (IT GON BE BLUE YEET >3<)

Although I must advise Grace that if she’s not willing to do rock/metal for the rest of her life like I am (my band does metalcore primarily), whatever plugin that was… might be worthwhile for her.

I think what Grace needs to focus on investing in first would have to be the drums honestly. Then work whatever path she wants for guitars and bass.