【Eleanor Forte】Fly With Me by My Friend Is a DJ【SynthV Vocaloid Original English】

Here’s my latest work with Eleanor Forte. Didn’t have to do much post processing with her other than adding some reverb in Logic. Enjoy.


Bit late to the party I know, but just wanted to say you are a very talented producer.

I also liked your Down The Dark Road song on Youtube - excellent work.

Thanks also for the Eleanor, Lucy, Amy battle - for me it is 1) Eleanor 2) Lucy 3) Amy

I think the first 2 completely blow Amy out of the water (for this type of music anyway), and before hearing this today I was thinking about buying Vocaloid in the Black Friday sales.

Not anymore. :grinning:

I think Eleanor comes first due to the powerful vocal part, which starts around the 3.07 mark in your Down The Dark Road Youtube video, which i do no think Lucy could do as well, personally.

Keep making music, and, I say this based on your lyrics and youtube comments - don’t let the b*ggers get you down…

Nice composition, thank you for your creation!
(Translate with a translator)

Thank you ArkAngel! Your comment made my day! :slight_smile:
As you can probably see, I’ve ended up using Eleanor most of the time because I love the ease of SynthV. Its so much easier to work with the phonemes compared to the others. And if you want them to sound real, you should always work in the phoneme notation.
Correct, Eleanor can sound very powerful if you want her to be.
I just wish there were more english voicebanks for SynthV! Emvoice are releasing a male voice Jay soon, so I’m a little dumbfounded why Dreamtonics don’t spend some time and money on a male voicebank after all this time, considering they have sooo many english users on this site.
Thank you for the encouragement! I’ll continue to make more songs! :slight_smile:

Thank you LinR_PN for dropping by and listening!

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