【Eleanor Forte】Lights【Ellie Goulding cover】

Criticism is welcome! :heartpulse:

Hoping to redo this once me and the rest of ThePauper’sVocaloid can purchase the full version of Synthesizer V, but the technical demo is still great so we’ll keep using that until then.

Waiting for them physical copies :ok_hand::sparkles:



Damn this sounds really nice. The tuning fits her so well. I hope that I will be able to do something like this too.
Keep up the hard work!

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If there was a way to make Eleanor Forte “Breathe” I think that would make it little bit better. But overall I thought it was amazing and great tuning!:heart:

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Goodness, thank you so much!! That’s super encouraging to hear. Good luck with your projects!! :sparkling_heart:

I agree I super wanted to make her breathe aaah, I don’t think the technical demo has breath samples (haven’t bought the full version yet, perhaps that does?) - I thought about recording some or using some from an UTAU but I decided it would bother me if the voicebanks were different hehe :sweat_smile: Though perhaps I’ll experiment with it and see if I like the results!

I’m definitely doing it for my Renri projects since she has an UTAU bank :laughing:

(We should really try the full demo out tbh but don’t know whether it’s on a timer and are hesitant to use it if we won’t be able to finish what we’re working on, because we all take an eternity to finish projects lol.)

Thank you for your input! And thank you for your compliment aaa :heartpulse:


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Don’t worry, there is no timer :grinning:
You can use Synthesizer V as an evaluation for an unlimited amount of time, a la Reaper. This means you have full access to all features, you just have to deal with a 10s nag screen when loading it up. I’d recommend downloading it for all the additional features and the reworked DBs!

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Ah that’s good, thank you! :3