Eleanor Forte - Loving you - Minnie Riperton - cover demo

The classic from 1974, with a soft and sexy tone.

Loving you - Synthesizer V demo


I love the breath that you added, how have you proceed? Breath function? Voicing function? with vowels?
I’m curious :slight_smile:

Thank you!
A snapshot is worth a thousand words :

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oh thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Good job on this. takes me baaaaaack!

1974 is when I met my wife who is also my technical bushiness partner.
I was 12. :slight_smile:


She sounds amazing! The effect you made by changing the voicing really adds to the mood.
I know you must have other projects in mind but I’m really curious to know how she would sound in “Words” by F.R. David

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Thank you!

I never know what would be next, but that song is a good choice!

Maybe something like this:
Words don’t come easy - SynthV demo WIP
Im sorry about the mixing mess, all was done in lunch time before go back to work.

Before you ask: tension: -0.4, breathiness +0.6

She sounds lovely! Hurry up and finish it, I need MOAR
runs around the room
It’s definitely interesting to hear these covers since I’m so used to the originals :slight_smile:

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