【Eleanor Forte】 One Minute Winter - Darkglass 【Original】

Hi it’s WintermintP again! After over a month of full-on depression we finally found a way to write really cool songs again! >3< The song not only showcases Eleanor Forte but also showcases the Neural DSP Darkglass (emulates the B7K Ultra) plugin which we have on the dubstep-style synth basses as well as the Darkglass Alpha-Omega Ultra which we have on the physical bass which is a $2.5K Dingwall NG2 Laguna Seca Blue 5-string bass! >3< Yes, it cost me half my life savings for that bass… O_O

I hope you really enjoy this song, and I actually have special clearance from VOLOR for commercial use of Eleanor Forte and I have the full licence bought as well. Make sure you do the same if you’re planning on making money with this stuff… >.<


Holy hell, now I understand why it cost that much ><
A lot of distortion here, keep up the amazing work

Well the actual reason why it costs a ton of money to do what my band and I do is the fact that we play in Drop G tuning, and it’s really hard to make the bass audible, and it’ll be even harder to make it audible if you don’t have a Dingwall bass because a Dingwall bass typically has a 37" scale for the fifth string, resulting in a clearer low G note. I also tried making a bass tone with this thing by using that TSE BOD plugin you can get for free… Nope. Doesn’t cut it. It really takes a really expensive Dingwall bass and a Darkglass Alpha-Omega Ultra to really make a bass tone that cuts through.

Thanks for your feedback though.

I can tell you one thing though, we use the Drop G tuning because our songs don’t sound right in any other tuning. All that being said, you can’t expect all songs in Drop G tuning to sound good. We’ve done a few songs in other tunings for a while and we can confirm that you just have to find a tuning that sounds fit for you. We’ve seen plenty of metalcore songs in Drop B or Drop C tuning and they still sound awesome in the right hands.

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