【Eleanor Forte】One Minute Winter - Petrichor 2019 【Redux/Original】

Hi, my name is WintermintP, I’m the lead guitarist of the two-piece nu metalcore and melodic metalcore band One Minute Winter, with Mitchell as the drummer. One Minute Winter used to be a pseudo-band but recently in 2019 we officially became a band. One Minute Winter has been active for at least four years so far. We also recently got featured on a reputable hardcore-punk/metalcore site known as breathing the core, and we were also interviewed. You can check that out here: http://www.breathingthecore.com/2019/04/interviews-one-minute-winter.html

This song is the second time we featured Eleanor Forte, and marks the beginning of officially working with Eleanor Forte in the future.

First, some context in regards to this redux of an original.

The first version of this song was done back in 2017 as part of an album titled “The Light LP” and it did end up going through several revisions. It was the song that had the most potential out of them despite another song getting all of the popularity in the album.

Having listened to the song several times, the song was all catchy and great, but the song really lacked audible bass and the drum patterns were also a bit stale.

I began tinkering with the arrangement of the song a little more, and now that I have this really expensive-ass Dingwall NG2 5-string bass with also-expensive Kalium bass strings and also-expensive Darkglass products, I re-recorded the song with this new bass tone.

I was originally going to avoid Eleanor Forte at first due to some of the EULA because a commercial version wasn’t available at the time, but her voice was just too viable to pass up, so I ultimately bought Synthesizer V to test out the improved engine, and oh my, the engine really has improved, and this is what I was able to come up with.

There are still a couple suggestions I have to bring up.

  1. The spacebar doesn’t hit the play button which is really confusing because in DAWs typically the spacebar is the play button.

  2. DAWs typically have a feature where while in select mode, you can still draw in notes quickly by holding down ctrl or command and then dragging.

That being said, the voice quality is still really good, and the parameter features actually improved quite a bit from the last time I was testing out Synthesizer V. I still haven’t been able to figure out how to input custom vibratos but I can create my own enka effects which came out really well. Some of the controls are actually more accessible than that of Vocaloid, which I find it a warm welcome. There’s a good chance I might use Synthesizer V more often in the future. ^^

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nice instrumental, but seem like i barely hear the content of the vocal (words she singing?!)

maybe boosting up a little bit!? :slight_smile:

i have trouble how to manual vibratos too, just don’t know, i set vibrato for the whole
If Synth V intergrating well with FL Studio, should be easier story

I really tried to boost the vocals as much as I could but any higher than that it would clash with the lead guitars… :confused: I’ll give it a try though. And it might not sound all that important but I played all of the guitars in this myself and I used my new 7-stringer Agile Interceptor 727 EB CP Oceanburst Flame guitar that has a Floyd Rose (yet upgraded with the DiMarzio CrunchLab 7 bridge pickup) so it’s all the more important that the guitars get heard.

well, if it’s nature of the genre then it’s not a problem then


The mix has been reworked and now there are two versions! I also tried to improve the vocal clarity as much as I could. O.O See if the vocals are more audible now? O-O;;