【Eleanor Forte】One Minute Winter - "Rules of the Game" 【Original】Technical Metalcore

I don’t think anybody has ever gone this far. Here’s a prog rock/metal track for ya!

Lyrics are too long to put on here. Check the link itself.

Finally a track where our drummer pulls his weight! This is another one of our most ambitious tracks, with the length being our longest in a while. We really pushed the prog motifs on this track… O.O

This particular track uses two types of guitars.

The ESP LTD Snakebyte SW is loaded with two EMG 89s (one neck, one bridge) and has an 11-56 pack with the bottom 56 replaced by an 80-gauge bass string, tuned to GGCFAD.

The Agile Interceptor 727 EB CP Oceanburst Flame with the Floyd Rose has the 10-74 pack with the 64 “B” string taken out as always, tuned to Drop G (GDGCFAD).

Again, just like any recent One Minute Winter track the bass is a Dingwall NG2 Laguna Seca Blue 5-string bass custom-loaded with Kalium strings tuned to GDGCF through the Darkglass Alpha-Omega Ultra.

Drums, just like always, is the 3 Sigma Audio Top Shelf Drums combined with Taylor Larson Luke Holland Drumshotz and GetGoodDrums Matt Halpern signature pack.


I really like the song. I’ve been waiting for someone to make songs like these for Eleanor Forte!!!

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Thank you! Sorry for the late reply… T^T Notifications have been dead lately and both the drummer and I have been super busy because we have studio plans at the moment.

Heavy rock music with synth voices is always a treat :relaxed:

This is really good A +

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Thank you~ ^-^ It costs a lot of money to do what I do so I hope it pays off. XD

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