[Eleanor Forte] One Minute Winter - Skillkillovelocity [technical metalcore/technical death metal][ORIGINAL]

I know none of you actually missed us (FYI One Minute Winter is officially a band now) but here it is anyway… our first serious attempt at technical death metal.

WARNING: This song is over 10 minutes long.

equipment used:

Agile Interceptor 727 EB CP Oceanburst Flame with Floyd Rose and DiMarzio CrunchLab 7 (guitar)
Dingwall NG2 Laguna Seca Blue V (bass)
Ernie Ball guitar strings - 80 46 34 24 16 11 9
Kalium bass strings - 168 110 82 63 41
Toneforge Ben Bruce (guitar amp)
Darkglass Alpha-Omega 900 (bass amp)
3 Sigma Audio Top Shelf Drums
GetGoodDrums Periphery IV
Drumforge Drumshotz

lyrics: https://oneminutewinter.bandcamp.com/track/skillkillovelocity

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Sounds brutal… I guess I enjoy that from time to time. Props for the synth screaming, I should learn how to do that myself little by little ^^

Thank you… ^^

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