Eleanor Forte - Renai Circulation (English Cover)

Original by Kana Hanazawa
English lyrics by Y. Chang
Inspired by Lizz Robinett
Cover by bottledwottle

Hey y’all, I figured I’d post one of my covers here in between drawing things.

In one of my previous posts I showed off a costume design for a video cover. I’m still working on that one but I’d figured I’d take a break from SynthV drawings for… actual SynthV.

The song is the fourth OP to the anime Bakemonogatari. I never watched the show but you can’t escape this song on the internet, you really can’t.

I have a few .json files for songs I want to make videos for but this one happens to be the most “polished” one out of all of them. I eventually want to make a proper video for this one too so stay tuned.

There’s some iffy bits but this is the first time I’ve tuned a rap take it easy on me pleaseeee