Eleanor Forte SynthV Cover - This Love (PIano and Strings Version)

Hey there!
This is my first cover from SynthV!
I hope this song is not as bad as I see it.

I tried using all the parameters to tune her voice and honestly… Pitch deviation is probably the hardest…

Nevertheless, hope you enjoy this!

P.S ( i was going to upload this a day ago but since I’m a new user, i had reached the maximum number of topics in my first day…)

Instrumental song link at Soundcloud.


This is pretty good! She sounds really nice. She’s great on slower songs, and the tuning is nice. This is a really good start, good luck with your future projects. I am looking forward to it.

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Thanks! Looking forward to your covers too!

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@MarkyChan Well I have little room to speak here (for the lack of experience), but maybe adding more tension along with the song would greatly improve it (tension or maybe volume to highlight some notes). :grin: I like the whispering part. (maybe this is all subjective, but that is my opinion). Again good luck

Don’t worry about it @Lifeline! Thanks for the advice anyways!

Like i said, I did experiment with all the parameters a little bit but i wasn’t sure how to properly implement them into the song.
So I guess i should be emphasizing more on tension and and volume in this song.

Also thanks for complement on the whispering! I didn’t think anyone would notice it…

Good luck to you too!