Eleanor Forte [uw -] FRQ Problem

Hello, Eleanor Forte’s [uw -] phoneme has some issues with it’s frequency. It goes off pitch. An example can be seen in the word “boo”. Thanks in advance!

I have similar issues too. Eleanor tends to go up in pitch with certain notes.

I had to use Pitch Deviation to get her back on track.

SynthV in general tends to go sharp at the end of long notes. (moresampler has this problem as well) Try turning the Jitter setting to 0.

Hopefully future versions of SynthV will fix this problem, but if it was a problem in moresamper as well I wonder how “baked in” it is to how the engine fundamentally works.

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I have that problem all the time, you have to put “Jitter” down to 0 on the note that’s going off pitch.


I… wow I feel dumb, that actually works thank you

edit: saw WinterdrivE said the same thing but I somehow glossed over it

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