Eleanor Forte won't work

Hello, I’ved downloaded Synthesizer V free demo a couple days ago. I registered for Eleanor Forte, I got it in my email, I went to the program and copy/pasted Eleanor’s registration code into "Enter Registration Code’ it says it has succeeded, then i push, 'Continue Evaluating. I make a couple notes then push the spacebar, click ‘Current Voice’ and it says ‘(no choices)’. I even go to ‘Project’ ‘Voice Database…’ and it still says the same thing.

I’ve exited out and tried it again with the same code, still have the same problem. Today I’ve even reordered Eleanor’s registration and I’m still having the same problem.

I don’t know if it’s because I have the free version or because I’m doing something wrong.

I’ve tried looking up videos to see if anyone had the same problems and knew how to fix them but couldn’t find any.

When you downloaded Eleanor Forte, did the application install the voice in the “database” folder where the SynthV editor is?

Yeah, you have to actually download her voice in addition to registering her. So she will be listed in Apps (for Windows 10) as “Synthesizer V Eleanor Forte (English)”.

When you look at the Download page on the Synth V website, there are 3 icons that show green bubbles that say Windows 95 MB, and Apple 102 MB, for example, that’s the download button for her voice bank installer.

Thanks guys, I thought that was to download their pictures.