【Eleanor Forte】 Your Lie Under the RAIN 【Original Song】

A song about saying goodbye to others.

It is a sequel to One Step at a Time.

Let me know what you think!! :slight_smile:


That PV is amazing :open_mouth:

What calming sounds~
About the first one, it sounds like the singing-melody sometimes contradicts the instrumentals? But other than that, it’s super soothing and the lyrics are really impactful! It feels like something you could listen to while looking at the stars~

About the second one, it also sounds very soothing and dreamy! The lyrics are still really nice, and I think the instrumentals work very well… I think my only critique would be that Eleanor sounds a bit strained, so maybe you could lower the tension a bit or something? But it’s not a big problem at all haha, I like it a lot!

I like how she sings there. Very unusual.