Eleanor Forte's recommended range

Has there been any confirmation on her vocal range? or prefered tempo range? It would be nice to know which notes in her upper and lower range were actually recorded and which are just resampled by the engine.


This seems to be an important question. Im surprised that no one has replied to this yet.

Maybe the best thing to do is really play around with the piano roll and listen to her voice.

If the voice sounds too robotic and unreal even with tuning then its probably way below or way above the vocal range.

I might get back to you and experiment with it myself.


There’s nothing solid but judging by the structure of her DB she only has one pitch of recordings for English; this can be compared to AiKO who has 3 pitches. This is probably due to her initially only being a test bank but more could certainly be added in the future.

As for her range, it seems incredibly wide. Just testing her “la” sample in the editor makes me want to approximate something like F2-F5, of course with the higher end having a tiny bit of noise which can be fixed in mixing. Feel free to make her go higher and lower, she sounds decent to me as low as D2 and as high as G5! It’s mostly down to personal preference about where you judge her ideal range to be.

I would say not too high and not too low. :grinning:

Her lower range suffers a lot (roughly below A3) once she actually starts to sing words. However her high range seems to never end in comparison. I would definitely stamp her as a Soprano! I’ve transposed songs upto 5 semitones higher and it has yet to have any negative affect on her high notes… If anything it sounds better.

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I have a sneakin’ suspicion (But hold out hope that i’m wrong) that this is why most, if not nearly all digital singers are female. As the waveform frequency gets lower and therefore slower one can more easily hear the components that make up the voice and begins to sound more robotic.


So you’re suspecting that Even the male voice banks are from female singers?

Well I mean you could be right… I mean there’s Kagamine Len … He was made from the same person who made Rin.

Most male VOCALOID DBs are from male voice providers, but most of them are of course tenors and are intended to sing in a range similar to lower-toned female VOCALOIDs. As far as I can remember, Len is surprisingly the only one with a female voice provider up untilt his point.

@bitman that’s certainly true, combined with demand for female singers over male ones, it means a lot more effort has been put into working on female voice synthesis anyway!

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No. I’m not assuming males do female voice banks. I don’t know anything about making voice banks

I downloaded GENBU for fun and I didn’t have to drop him very low to make it sound robotic though.

whoops yea i misread your statement! sorry bout that…

So now what you’re saying is that no matter what gender the voice bank is, the low notes always sound robotic?

Well in his case yeah, I noticed the more I go down the more robotic he sounds.