Envelope setting

Hey, I worked with synth-v for quite some time now…but never found something like an envelope setting, like the utau one. Where you can control the volume of the note from the beginning to the end. I think it would be a pretty nice addition, or maybe I am just dumb and there are other options to get the same effect.



We need a volume parameter control. There is level, which is +/- 12 db but that should be renamed volume and make it mute / full scale.


Since build 015, if you click the +/-12 dB label it’ll switch to a linear 0-2x scale.

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Well look at that! You’re right!

I tried it and it does mute at the lowest envelope setting! And allows for full volume envelope control.

Cherry cherry!!

Would you mind telling me where’s the +/-12db button? I can’t really find it.

Clicking on the +12 dB/-12 dB will switch it to 0-2x

Thank you! I searched for it for quite a while.

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