Faster Production with Command Line Interface

Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if there is an existing way to directly render audio from the command line if you already have a well formatted .s5p file (maybe something like “/path/to/SynthV/exec --headless <song.s5p>”?). If not, it could greatly speed up production of SynthV content since you could just write a script to produce the .s5p file and then use the SynthV engine as a sort of function call (right now, I use apple script to automate rendering in the GUI editor but you can imagine it’s not very scalable).

Using SynthV’s VST plugin seems like another possible route to render audio via command line but I’m not sure if it’s possible to prevent the SynthV GUI editor from opening up in the VST host.

Many Thanks!


Seconded - this would be great!


I’m not exactly sure if a command-line interface is something I’ve ever seen in this program before, but with enough familiarity I can see this being very useful. ^^

Hi DJ_AI, did you find out how to automate the rendering process? I need to create choir learning tracks so I need to render 4 different mix levels of a song which is time-consuming. I can do this with a script in Harmony Assistant but so far SV has eluded me. A scripting/macro ability in SV would be wonderful!

Has there been any updated information on this? This would be a lovely feature to have. Or even if we can provide direct line of text to generate, and name of the voice bank we want to use, to output a flat c3 sample