Feature request XSY

I think it will be neat if XSY was added (like Renri XSYed with Genbu) . Of course there would be limitations, but I think it would be cool to add


I think it would work with Renri due to her sub-libraries, but not in the VOCALOID way because there’s probably a patent on it. Maybe something like Sharpkey has where you can blend different pitches/sub-libraries together?


Zynaptiq Morph and Kotonofader both morph between audio files, so I don’t see why not. But I also don’t really understand why you’d want to morph between two completely unrelated libraries…

I also think this is a neat idea. If future voices have multiple sub-libraries, it would add even more creative freedom.
Right now, you can select certain notes, and then add a sub-library to sing those notes.
XSY would be a great addition!! :grin:

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