Files not opening?

I don’t think this is necessarily a bug, but something has definitely gone wrong.
My hard drive had a major hiccup, and after hours of work, I was able to figure out how to recover my files.
I redownloaded synthV and attempted to open one of my projects that I had recovered. However, I get an error saying: “Invalid Input- Failed to load file.”
The project is a .s5p file, but it says it is 807 kb, which I figure is small for all the stuff I had done in it. I know it’s a long shot, but does anyone know a way for me to load the project? I’ve spent many hours on the song, so seeing the error is quite disheartening.

Thank you, everyone!

Did you ever get any solutions here? I reorganized some of my files and now my first cover that I spent hours working on is refusing to open. I’m wondering if it’s a file path issue maybe? I’m full on brokenhearted getting the error every time I click on the file