Finding is troublesome

I wanted to find oiginal synthesizer V made songs, and I noticed that people name the videos differently, some “SynthV original” some “Synth V original” others “Synthesizer V original”…

And because of this naming quirk its kind of funny when I released that there are tons of original works I have never listened to all because I was too lazy and searched “synthv original”…
I feel a bit dumbfounded now… :thinking:
(Not sure if Caps matter in youtube search results, they probably don’t)

Anyways Have a good day. ^^

That’s largely because the namer decided that Synthesizer V was a good name to go forward with When Synth V is so much easier to say, type and refer to and is flat catchy. Maybe when they get a little bigger they can actually afford some marketing people.


Maybe look for originals by voicebank names like Eleanor Forte instead? :thinking: I’ve always found that helpful… except there aren’t that many originals to go around with this franchise. It’s worse than Vocaloid on that front I swear.

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