Future voicebanks?



Does anyone have any hopes/predictions as to future voicebanks for SynthV? Personally, it’s a long shot, but I would looove if Crypton moved to SynthV since they’re distancing from Vocaloid now. What kinds of voices would you guys want next?


I would die to see a Hatsune Miku voicebank in Synthesizer V! Imagine how lovely her voice will sound in this engine! I would also want to see an English male voicebank and more Japanese voicebanks in the future. Possibly, even Korean? That would be awesome!


Crypton is working on their own engine so I doubt it.


I want more English stuff

A masculine Eleanor counterpart would be great


I hope it’s more english voicebanks. We don’t need any more japanese voices, we have Vocaloid for that. We only have one decent english voicebank (Eleanor), how about way more than that?


I personally hope for a male English voice, them to finish Genbu and Renri, and it would be cool if they made a Korean voice.

I know for sure we are getting an English vocal (Stardust or ZERO) and a male Japanese vocal from Quadimension and there’s also supposed to be a Japanese company working with Synth V.


I also hope for a Male English voice bank, but they probably want to finish Renri and Genbu’s voicebanks first. A male counterpart to AiKO would also be cool.


Omg, I would TOTALLY LOVE Syngers (That is how I call the singers) that could sing in spanish.
It would be an actual dream


The creator of tsuina chan(a voiceroid voicebank) was making polls that were about what singing synth will tsuina be in and synth v won the poll so she may get a synth v voice bank