Glottal effects

I’ve played around with the glottal stuff a little and read what the manual has to say about it, but I’m struggling to see what practical usage it actually has in the format its presented in within synthesizer V. I would have figured that this kind of processing would be a lot more analog rather than digital. What I mean by that is it only seems to be an on or off effect, theres nothing obvious that I can see which allows blending of the original sound and the glottal one.

For example is it even possible to have a held note become more coarse/fried overtime with the way that the current glottal system works? Maybe I’m just missing something?

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Yup. Adjust fade in and fade out time in the glottal effect editor! If you want it to become more coarse over time, for instance, add the glottal effect at the end of the note, and make the fade in time long.

Hmm I see, thanks. i’ll test some stuff out later.

However that does seem kind of unintuitive that I need to place the glottal segment at the end of the note in this case because it does not really show on a visual level what I’m affecting.

I agree. I’m finding glottal effects really hard to place and to make sound natural for that reason and others. I think asking for a slightly more detailed visual representation of where the effect starts and ends (just some sort of indication of where the effect fades in and out) would make a really good feature request. It’s definitely bothering me, too.

I genuinely can’t figure out how you’re supposed to fit this in… None of the fade options allow you to slowly blend a growl into the note over time.

i can’t think of a synthv song that uses growl off the top of my head, but there’s some very good use of vocal fry in this one:

edit: oh dear. i thought it said january 19 but it was january 2019. oops.

I really want glottal effects back

I can’t remember where I read , but I think they are coming back when the feature is ready for the new editor.