Have any plans for Raspberry Pi support?

I’m interesting in SynthV project but it doesn’t support RPi. The Dreamtonics have a plans for support RPi?

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Raspbian, the engine that Raspberry Pi uses is unfortunately rather uncommon in terms of support for softwares. In all truth I wouldn’t recommend using a Raspberry Pi to run SynthV. If you really wanna use a Microcomputer i’d suggest using Adafruit’s Arduino. It’s quite similar from my personal experience with it and CAN run linux, which SynthV does support. If you’re interested there’s a tutorial here: https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-arduino-ide-setup/linux-setup

Hope this Helps!

The Linux version of SynthV will only run on x86_64 processors, so the machines both of you have mentioned aren’t going to support it.