How to make english covers

Okay so, I want to learn how to make covers of English songs. I tried to import a ust file for monochrome by circus-p but every time I press play it just sings anything but the words that’s supposed to. I have no idea how to phonetical writing of the words works, is there a tutorial or something that I can follow or I have to do it through good old trial and error?

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You should just be able to type lyrics as normal, though since it’s an English .ust file it may be necessary to combine notes depending on the method (VCCV?). With Eleanor Forte loaded as singer you should be able to access a Phoneme Viewer by using the hotkey alt+V, or by selecting it from the View dropdown in the editor; this gives approxiamtions for what each phoneme sounds like if you want to do it by phoneme. Usually I find it easier to use a midi than an English UST when making a cover with Eleanor. Hope this could help you. :grinning:

Btw is Eleanor VCCV or CVVC? Or it doesn’t matter what I use?

You just type the phonemes as they are. No need for fancy stuff.

Use the VSQ from Circus, not UST by someone else.
Synth V is Arpasing (Which is similar to CVVC (or VCCV? I don’t really know))
You can type words directly like in VOCALOID, Synth V is not UTAU.

Yeah I will do that from now on. Thanks.