How to pronounce Eleanor's name?

This is just a general question. I always thought Eleanor’s name was pronounced Eh-Leh-Ner, however in the programme she says it like Ee-Lee-Ner, I assume she can pronounce it correctly due to her pronouncing Forte like For-tey. (Replacing the F with another letter changes the pronunciation of the word, For example, sorte would be pronounced as sort.) This isn’t very relevant, but it is something that has been on my mind for a while :sweat_smile:

In french’ I say EY L EY AH NOR :smiley:

eh l uh n ax r or something along those lines. I’m a Yorkshireman, it’s not like we stress vowels…


I think it should be pronounced /ˈɛlənɔːr/ or /ˈɛlənər/. But according to her Chinese name “爱莲娜”, I guess /ˈɛlənər/ might be better.

It’s el eh nor