How To Use Eleanor Forte In The UnRegistered Version of Synth V

I want to use Eleanor Forte in the program but when I go to Voice Database Settings only ’ (no choice) ’ pops up. Is it because I’m unregistered ?


Sorry if I missed that you need to buy Synth V or something like that to use voices…?

You don’t need to buy or even register to use Eleanor, Anri or Genbu, they are all free for hobby like production (you would need to buy them only if you were planning to make money off of your music) except Aiko, she is an exception.
So far only Eleanor Forte is ready to use in Mac Os
Also I understand that you missed the Manual for getting started. Here is a link to that,
It is also located under “Docs” (a shortening for documents) in the main page.
You need to download a voicebank and put its contents into the right path, all of that will be shown in the voicebank file.
They are located under the “Synthesizer V editor”.
Have fun, and feel free to ask questions if something. I Highly recommend checking the manual.

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I don’t understand how to download a voicebank. Can you explain please?

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im having this same problem.

Hi everyone!

Sorry, but I can’t download a voicebank. It says it’s a virus and doesn’t let me open a page, what do I do?

  1. which voice are you trying to download?
  2. which website are you downloading from?
  3. what operating system are you using?
  4. what web browser?
  5. where is the virus error coming from? is it from the web browser or some other antivirus software?
  6. are you using Synthesizer V Studio or the old, discontinued editor from a few years ago?